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Look more confident & natural on camera without having to glance away at your script or notes.

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The Professional Video Recording Teleprompter App

Video Teleprompter is a powerful and easy-to-use teleprompter app for recording videos. It helps you be more confident and natural when you record, with a huge selection of professional tools and smart features.

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Debra Alfarone – May 2019
Huge value - take it from a TV Anchor
"This app is the one thing that was missing from my professional home setup for recording videos. Friends of mine have bought actual TelePrompTers and are now returning them after I told them about how great this app is! It’s easy to use, and inexpensive - 100% worth it!"
silveractor – Oct 2019
Perfect 👍
"I am an Actor and have to do many self tape auditions, at times almost immediately. Scripts are sent and one does not always have the time to learn by heart, so I use Videoprompter with the script running at the side of my iPad screen near the camera lens and it means that I am looking directly at the Casting team whilst delivering the script. One of my latest best assets to put into my acting arsenal. Thank you"
sinc321 – Oct 2019
Awesome App
"So easy to use. A real life saver if you are making videos and need your script right in front of you. You can control the speed of the script. Couldn’t be more simple. Love it."
SuziSooze – Sep 2019
Don’t be scared
"I’m not a natural in front of the camera but this App makes it a breeze. Any questions I’ve had the Developer has responded within minutes and has been exceptionally helpful and patient. I really can’t rate this Developer and this App high enough."
DouglasMcFarlane – Apr 2019
Incredible app
"This is revolutionary. It took me a few minutes to write my script and with a few options selected, I had created my first subtitled version. Now I just need to work on the hair and I’ll be off."
Ryanbg – Nov 2019
Does exactly what I needed!
"I needed to creat quick, professional videos from my phone. Everyone should try this app."
She Love to Write – Oct 2019
Love it!
"I really love the video teleprompter it makes it so easy to stay on track while recording videos. I make less mistakes and I get straight to the point of my message. I love how you can slow down or speed up the words to go at the speed that works best to reliever a clear message."
Muddler Minnow – Jul 2019
A Perfect Solution!
"TI am making a film for a local organisation - very much on a budget; I’m using my iPhone XS and Final Cut Pro. I was struggling with pieces to camera using a script, but Teleprompter was a perfect solution! Brilliant! An inexpensive, user-friendly app. You’ve saved me a lot of stress and expense!"

What's New

Video Teleprompter is a fully featured teleprompter solution for your videos, with reliable pro tools at your fingertips.

Video Recording

Use your device camera to record as you read your script.

Countdown Timer

Set a countdown timer to run before recording begins.

Compose & Edit

Compose and edit your video scripts with the built-in script composer.

Import Documents

Import PDF, Word, Powerpoint, txt and rtf files easily from any of your favourite apps.

Cue Points

Insert multiple cue points in your script to jump to different positions.

Export & AirDrop

Send your scripts to nearby devices or export and share your script files.

Export All Scripts

Easily create an export file with all of your script and settings to share with others, or as a backup file.

IKAN Elite Remote

Compatible with IKAN Elite Remote to control scrolling and recording.

Keyboard Control

Use any connected keyboard to control scrolling and recording remotely.

Advanced Video Controls


Create better looking footage with easy tap-to-focus and tap-to-expose controls.

Apple Watch Control


Use Apple Watch to control the scrolling and recording on your connected iPhone.

Customise & Rearrange


Re-arrange your scripts by title, date or arrange them in a custom order and switch between icon and list views.

Rich Text Export


Export your scripts as Rich Text (.rtf) files to edit on any computer, tablet of smartphone.

Game Controller Support


Control the Teleprompter with a compatible gaming controller, including PlayStation DUALSHOCK®4 and Xbox Wireless Controllers

Cloud Sync


Enable Cloud Sync to synchronise your scripts between all of your devices automatically.

Customisable Defaults


Set custom default script settings that will apply to all newly created and imported scripts.

Background Colour


Set a custom background color for any of your scripts.


The Smart App Layout Does All The Hard Work.

With Video Teleprompter the Smart App Layout understands the location of the camera on your device, and automatically positions your script as closely as possible to the camera.

This means that no matter how you plan to shoot your videos, you'll always be looking directly at the camera lens as you read your scripts.

Versions & Pricing

Try Video Teleprompter Lite for free, upgrade for more features when you need them.

Video Teleprompter
Free on the App Store
Free forever with continuous App Store updates
Includes all features marked with
Videos save with a small logo watermark
Universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Upgrade to Pro
$16.99 One-time Purchase
One-time purchase with continuous App Store updates
Includes all extra features marked with
Record & save videos without the logo watermark
Universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Also available as part of the $19.99 /year subscription with access to Teleprompter Premium and Teleprompter Premium for Mac.

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