Video Teleprompter for iPhone and iPad

Record More Natural and Engaging Videos With Your iPhone or iPad

Look more confident & natural on camera without having to glance away at your script or notes.

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You'll Always Be Looking Directly at the Lens

Whichever way you position your device, your script will automatically scroll closely to the camera, so it always looks like you’re looking directly at the lens. You’ll look more confident and natural in seconds.

Create Better Looking Shots

Make the most of advanced camera controls and the useful Full Screen mode to shoot better looking videos. It's easy to focus and expose your shots with tap-to-focus and tap-to-expose.

Full Screen Mode lets you hide all on-screen controls so you see a full view of your shot.
Autofocus Lock let you keep your shots focused without the camera attempting to autofocus again.
Autoexposure Lock let you lock the current exposure of your shot.

Get Things Done Quickly By Importing, Editing, Recording and Sharing All of Your Scripts

Import all of your scripts quickly and easily. Use the built-in editor to make quick changes then quickly share your scripts with others.

Read More Comfortably By Adjusting the Interface to Fit Your Needs

Customize the font, color, text size, background color and width of the text area so that you can read more naturally and comfortably.

Adjust the Width of the Script Area

Your script appears here. Adjust the width of this area to see more text on the screen as it scrolls.

Adjust the Size of the Script Text

Your script appears here. Adjust the size of the text to make it more visible and easy to read.

Ready to Start Making Better Videos?

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