Video Teleprompter for iOS

The only dedicated app for recording your scripts
using the front-facing camera on your iPhone or iPad.

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Read your script
Record video

Hello everyone! I'm Joe Allen,
I created the popular Teleprompter Premium app for iOS.

I noticed that a lot of my customers were asking "Can I use Teleprompter Premium while recording video?"... My first solution was a video 'plugin', but I quickly realised that it really needed to be a standalone product...

...Video Teleprompter was born!

Better eye contact

Specifically designed to scroll your script close to the camera for better eye contact.

Import scripts

Video Teleprompter can import your .txt, .rtf, .doc or .docx scripts to get started in just seconds.

Countdown timer

Set a countdown timer of up to 30 seconds to 'count you in' and begin recording automatically.

Read your script while recording video

With Video Teleprompter, you can record video and read your script at the same time.

Your script automatically scrolls in clear, bright type on the display. You can control the font size and scrolling speed.

Maintain better eye-contact with the camera

Video Teleprompter automatically scrolls your scripts on the side of display closest to the front-facing camera on your device. This means that when you read your script, you're looking closer to the camera, rather than off-camera.

Let the countdown timer 'count you in'

You can use the countdown timer function to set a timer lasting up to 30 seconds. You can even chose for Teleprompter to begin recording up to five seconds before the countdown ends.

Watch the example video

Watch the short example video which demonstrates
just how easy it is to use Video Teleprompter.

Fully featured as standard

Both Video Teleprompter Premium and Video Teleprompter Lite have been built to include all of the features and tools you need to get started in minutes.

Video Teleprompter Lite
Video Teleprompter Premium
Compose scripts Yes Yes
Edit scripts Yes Yes
Supported devices iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
Import scripts .txt .rtf .doc .docx .txt .rtf .doc .docx
Optimised for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Yes Yes
Countdown timer Yes (iPad only) Yes (iPad only)
Video resolution* Up to 720p HD Up to 720p HD
Maximum script length 850 characters Unlimited
Record without watermark Available in Premium Yes

* Video resolution depends on your device. 720p HD recording is available on iPhone 5S or later and iPad Air or later.
Video Teleprompter will always record at the highest possible resolution on your device.